RejuvaKnee™ Quality Control Process

At RejuvaKnee™, we prioritize the highest standards of quality and safety in our products. This document details the rigorous quality control process that each RejuvaKnee™ Advanced Knee Relief unit undergoes, ensuring it meets and surpasses our customers' expectations for medical equipment.

1. Receipt of Materials and Initial Assessment:

  • Upon receiving materials from suppliers, an initial quality assessment is conducted to identify any visible defects or inconsistencies.
  • Materials are stored in a controlled environment to maintain integrity and prevent degradation.


2. Assembly and First-Level Quality Check:

  • RejuvaKnee™ units are assembled by skilled technicians following standardized procedures for consistency and reliability.
  • Post-assembly, a first-level quality check is performed, focusing on the build quality, fit, and comfort of the unit.


3. Functional and Safety Testing:

  • Each unit undergoes comprehensive functional testing, including:
  • Support and Flexibility Assessment: Ensuring the brace provides adequate knee support while allowing appropriate movement.
  • Material Safety and Skin-Friendly Test: Verifying that materials are hypoallergenic and safe for prolonged skin contact.
  • Adjustability and Comfort Check: Testing the unit for ease of adjustment and overall comfort.


4. Performance and Durability Testing:

  • Units are subjected to performance tests to simulate real-life usage scenarios, ensuring effectiveness in providing knee relief.
  • Durability tests assess the unit's resilience to wear and tear over time.


5. Final Inspection and Approval:

  • A senior quality control officer conducts a final inspection, which includes a repeat of all previous tests and a thorough physical examination.
  • Units passing this final stage are approved and marked for packaging.


6. Packaging and Pre-Shipment Inspection:

  • Each RejuvaKnee™ product is carefully packaged, using materials designed to protect the unit during shipping.
  • A pre-shipment inspection ensures the packaging is secure and includes all necessary components, like user manuals and care instructions.


7. Quality Assurance Certification:

  • Units passing the entire quality control process receive a Quality Assurance Certificate, included in each package.
  • This certificate is a guarantee of the product's quality and safety at the time of shipment.


8. Continuous Quality Improvement:

  • We continuously refine our quality control processes, incorporating customer feedback and advances in medical technology to enhance product quality.


Our exhaustive quality control process underscores our dedication to delivering premium medical equipment. The RejuvaKnee™ Advanced Knee Relief, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and quality, stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.